Hi, I’m Gala, an RPG girl making her way in an FPS world! TO JOIN GALA’S GAMES – Visit my PlayStation Community, “GALADRIEX” and join up! If the community does not appear for you, check my PSN (Galadriex) and search through my communities list. ***Gala does not accept PSN friend invites*** Twitter: https://twitter.com/galadriex (Gala does not use SnapChat) Instagram: Galadriex Business email: galadriexbusiness@gmail.com TIMED OUT? Possible reasons are: spam, emojis (max 6 per message, please!), self-advertisement, or inappropriate messages. Don’t fuss about it, come back, be positive, and it won’t happen again! UNACCEPTABLE (IMMEDIATE BAN): RACISIM, HATE-SPEECH, CRUDE/SEXUAL COMMENTS REGARDING MY PHYSICAL FEATURES/BODY PARTS. HOW TO GET MOD: 1. Be present for most streams. 2. Be a positive, contributing member of the chat. 3. Help with simple questions asked in chat. 4. Don’t ask for it.