SOURCE : Christian News Alerts TRUMP WINS: America Shatters 17-Year Record, No One Thought This Could Happen President Trump’s promise to “make America great again” has been guiding his leadership since he took office nearly a year ago. While mainstream media and Leftists have been maintaining the anti-Trump narrative, criticizing every decision he makes, the economic statistics speak for themselves. According to Rasmussen Reports, the October jobs report revealed that the economy managed to rebound despite suffering a hit from major hurricanes and subsequent recovery efforts. The unemployment rate dropped to 4.1 percent — the lowest level seen in 17 years.A recent national survey conducted online and via telephone revealed that 39 percent of adults believe the job market has improved from last year. When polled in May, only 35 percent believed so. This is now the highest confidence in the job market surveyed since 2010. Conference Board economist, Lynn Franco, said the October reports, “suggest the economy will continue expanding at a solid pace for the remainder of the year.” Businesses are waiting to see whether or not President Trump and Capitol Hill will come through on tax reform and pro-growth policies. They have, however, expressed confidence in US capital markets.The Conference Board reported that consumer confidence increased to 125.9 in October, the highest level since December 2000, when it was 128.6. The number is based on Americans’ perceptions of economic conditions and their projections for the upcoming six months. The number was 120.6 in September, leading to October projections of 121.3. However, the October performance far exceeded projections and the prior month’s performance.